Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Blog

Blogging is Hard
I have a problem and it's a relatively interesting one. I have never been one to put my feelings or thoughts down into words, rather I have always been a reader rather than a writer. I read with the best of them and especially enjoy genre's of science fiction, mystery, and epics. However, despite my chosen career path in Marketing, blogging has always been...elusive. Whether it is the motivation to consistently write everyday or to fill more than 140 characters, I just don't think it is part of my social DNA to generate long form content outside of Press Releases and Product Requirement documents.

Let Us Learn Something
That being said, I've been playing this status, travel, and credit card miles game quite a bit in the last year or so and I want to share my experiences as a newbie to this game...what I have learned through my research and reading of a million travel websites daily. I also want to share my mistakes so others can learn from it. To date, I have applied for and been approved for 8 credit cards which is nothing compared to some travel bloggers who have over 40+ credit cards. My accumulated spend each year doesn't exceed $40,000 USD, so unfortunately I'm not able to do some of the things travel bloggers can do but that's the beauty of probably can't either :).

At The End of the Day

Join me on an epic adventure as I make mistakes, lose money, and generally suck at this travel hacking game that others seemed to have mastered. Maybe we'll learn something along the way.

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